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We have microwaves in a variety of colors including black, stainless, and white. They provide all types of cooking modes including broil, convection bake, microwave, speedcook, toast, and warm/proof. Capacities range fro 1 cu. ft. to 2 cu. foot. Cabinet widths from 27 to 30 inches, and wattages starting a 950 on select models.
Built-in Microwave Wall Oven
Over-the-Range Microwave
Countertop Microwave
Microwaves can be installed in a 27" or 30" cabinet. They make terrific and functional built-in companions to a built-in warming drawer or wall oven. Over-the-range microwave can make the most of your kitchen space by installing it above the cooktop or range. These microwaves include cooktop lighting and venting system, for a truly multifunctional appliance. Countertop microwaves offer the simplest installation. Just place your counter top microwave on the shelf or counter and plug it in!
Dual Distribution Technology
Dual Distribution Technology
Do you often use your microwave to defrost meats? Dual distribution technology system combines 1100 watts of cooking power, a rotating turntable, and a top and second side stirrer for exceptionally even heating and defrosting results.
Convection Microwave Technology
Need a second oven and a microwave, but don't have room? Convection oven cooking combined with microwave power produces beautifully baked and roasted foods fast. The convection fan is mounted on the right side of the oven and is surrounded by a heating element, allowing you to convection bake in your microwave oven at any temperature between 225 and 450 degrees.
Microwave Sensor Technology
Your fresh-cooked vegetables shouldn’t come out of the microwave soft and mushy. Our sensor-equipped models take the guesswork out of cooking many common foods by using built-in sensors to automatically set power and time based on food moisture levels.
Grilling in the Microwave
Prepare burgers, pork chops, chicken breasts and more with 1200 grilling watts and three different grilling options.
We Have Complete Kitchen Remodel Packages
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2389 Airway, Kingman, Arizona 86409
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