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We Have All Styles Of Dishwashers
Odds are that you probably already know whether you need a built-in dishwasher or portable dishwasher, but there are different sizes that can fit in your kitchen; for example, an under the sink dishwasher is made for smaller kitchens, and even though it holds up to 10 dish sets, it may not be quite big enough for a larger family or someone that prides themselves on cooking nightly meals.
24″Built-In Dishwashers
with Top Controls
This dishwasher fits between cabinets and underneath a counter. Conceals the controls along the top edge of the door.
24″ Built-In Dishwashers
with Front Controls
This dishwasher is the most common model and fits between cabinets and underneath a counter.
18″ Compact Built-In Dishwashers
The 18″ built-in GE dishwasher is a great option for smaller spaces or as a second dishwasher in a basement or bar area.
Under the Sink Dishwashers
GE offers dishwashers designed to be installed under the sink, with a special tub to allow for sink plumbing.
Portable Dishwashers
These models have finished sides and top, so they can be placed independently from your counter and cabinets
Parts & Accessories
You expect top performance out of your dishwasher. Find replacement parts for worn out silverware baskets or racks.
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